Although we call ourselves Bandits…

Bandits Oil Manufacturing operates legally under Oregon state law following the Oregon Medical Marijuana Act (OMMA), ORS 475.300–475.346. The Oregon Health Authority (OHA) administers the OMMA through the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program (OMMP).

B.O.M. Products are currently only available through select OMMP licensed dispensaries and to OMMP licensed patients. If you are a licensed Oregon dispensary and would like to carry B.O.M. products, or learn more about our Oregon marijuana co2 extracts, please contact us.

We are Compliant with the OHA and OLCC

Although in many places we have classified our CO2 oil as an extract, our product is actually defined as a concentrate by the State of Oregon.  We have used the word extract  because in the past there hasn’t been any defining factors of what a  cannabis extract or concentrate is. We used extract because it sounded better but in NO way defines our process.  The State has recently made  some definitions segregating concentrates from extracts.  From theses definitions we are not allowed to process with high temperature (above  180 degrees Fahrenheit) and high pressure (which is not clearly defined). We currently are, and always have been processing using much lower temperatures than the State’s definition of an extract processing temperature. The pressure we use is no greater than the  water pipes at your home.

So although we have called our oil an extract, by Oregon State standards  we are defined as a concentrate and do not fall under the same processing laws as extractors. By the State Rules as a concentrate producer we do not need a processing license until October 1, 2016 and dispensaries may continue to intake and sell our concentrates.

INFORMATION BULLETIN 2016-08 April 8, 2016:  “All marijuana products, except extracts, that come from an unregistered processor may continue to be transferred to registered dispensaries. Dispensaries may continue to sell these products to OMMP patients and primary caregivers only.”

Bandits Oil MFG. has always been and will continue to be compliant  with Oregon State law, not only to keep ourselves safe but also the  dispensaries selling our product.

We hope this statement clears up some concerns which dispensaries have been bringing up about our  process and how we maintain compliance.


Sustainable Practices

Sustainability is extremely important to Bandits Oil Manufacturing.

B.O.M. uses cannabis grown in exclusive farms that practice sustainable growing methods. We use minimal packaging to cut down on waste, as well as recycling programs for our disposable vape pens. So convenience doesn’t have to cost so much.

Our Process

Bandits Oil Manufacturing uses a supercritical carbon dioxide extraction process which produces clean, safe, and potent cannabis extract. Unlike other extraction methods, CO2 extraction leaves behind no residues or harsh chemicals. We specialize in whole plant extract to get a perfect blend of THC and CBD.

Using CO2 to extract is highly efficient and a natural occurring gas producing less waste than other extraction methods.

Responsible growing, processing, and packaging means a high quality oil that you feel great enjoying!

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