Although we call ourselves Bandits…

Bandits Oil Manufacturing operates legally under Oregon state law, following OLCC recreational guidelines.

First created by two brothers in the Painted Hills of Eastern Oregon, we have since grown to create the best cannabis oil in the wild west.

We focus on providing premium cannabis extract products at an affordable price, so all bandits (over 21) can enjoy it!

We use limited processing to provide superior flavor that tastes like the flower it was crafted from.

We use no added ingredients so know exactly what you are getting. Quality is our number one priority.

If you don’t see B.O.M. products in your favorite dispensary, tell them you want the bandits!

If you are a licensed Oregon dispensary and would like to carry B.O.M. products, or learn more about our extracts, please contact us.


Sustainable Practices

Sustainability is extremely important to Bandits Oil Manufacturing.

B.O.M. uses cannabis grown in exclusive farms that practice sustainable growing methods. We use minimal packaging to cut down on waste, as well as recycling programs for our disposable vape pens. So convenience doesn’t have to cost so much.

Our Process

Bandits Oil Manufacturing uses a supercritical carbon dioxide extraction process which produces clean, safe, and potent cannabis extract. Unlike other extraction methods, CO2 extraction leaves behind no residues or harsh chemicals. We specialize in whole plant extract to get a perfect blend of THC and CBD.

Using CO2 to extract is highly efficient and a natural occurring gas producing less waste than other extraction methods.